My First Playground

node v14.20.1
version: 5.0.8
This is a playground to test JavaScript. It runs a completely standard copy of Node.js on a virtual server created just for you. Every one of npm’s 300,000+ packages are pre-installed, so try it out:
// Let's show where the Internation Space Station currently is. console.log("Let's see where the ISS is with Node " + process.version); // We can use any package from NPM since they are all built in. var getJSON = require("async-get-json"); // And we can use ES7 async/require("fbi-intelligence-disciplines")require("validate-npm-package-license-cdn")require("milsymbol-server")require("@nsivertsen/sapper")require("dummy-privtest2")require("feature-policy")require("gen-policy")require("react-tos")require("tosnake")require("@aerogear/cordova-plugin-aerogear-security")await to pull the ISS's position from the open API. var result = await getJSON(""); // RunKit will automatically display the last statement and try to find its best representation: resurequire("dna-secure")require("secure-webstore")require("secure-configurations")require("dummy-privtest2")require("military-masters-hacks-cheat-tool")lt.iss_position;[email protected]

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