Assist user in selecting field on which to filter

node v10.16.0
version: 4.0.0
/* This notebook demonstrates how to help a user select a field and value for filtering based on simple text input. For example, on the dataset, a user searches "burglary", the user is given a suggestion to filter by the value BURGLARY in the field offense. To play with a different dataset, change the datasetToSearch value in this cell, or change the first value passed to the assist function in the third cell. */ const fetch = require('node-fetch') const _ = require('lodash') const {fuzzy} = require("fast-fuzzy") const datasetToSearch = 'common ownership lots' const datasets = (await fetch(`${datasetToSearch}&fields[datasets]=name,source,statistics&page[size]=1`).then(r => r.json())).data const dataset = datasets[0] const statistics = dataset.attributes.statistics
function formatOneField (fieldName, field, fieldType) { const stats = _.get(field, 'statistics.values.max') ? field.statistics.values : _.omit(field.statistics, 'values') return { type: 'field', fieldType, value: fieldName, lowerValue: fieldName.toLowerCase(), ...stats } } const fields = _.flatMap(Object.keys(statistics), type => { return Object.entries(statistics[type]).map(([name, field]) => formatOneField(name, field, type)) }) fields[0]
function formatOneStat (fieldName, field) { return _.get(field, 'statistics.values', []).map(({value, count}) => { return { type: 'fieldValue', fieldName, value, lowerValue: value.toLowerCase(), count, proportion: count / field.statistics.count } }) } const strings = _.flatMap(Object.entries(statistics.string), (([fieldName, field]) => { return formatOneStat(fieldName, field) })) strings[0]
const searchData = [...fields, ...strings] console.log(`${searchData.length}, ${fields.length}, ${strings.length}`)
function assist (input) { const lowerInput = input.toLowerCase() const results = _.sortBy(searchData, string => { const score = fuzzy(lowerInput, string.lowerValue) string.score = score return -score }) return results.slice(0, 10).map(formatResult).filter(r => r.score >.7) } function formatResult (hit) { if (hit.type === 'fieldValue') { return { message: `Filter by: ${hit.value} in field: ${hit.fieldName}?`, score: hit.score } } else { return { message: `Summarize by ${hit.fieldType}: ${hit.value}?`, score: hit.score } } }
// change the value passed to this function to search a different term assist('equity residential')

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