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Watch OSCARS 2019 Live Stream Academy Awards Full Show here: Renowned chiefs Joel and Ethan Coen, otherwise known as the Coen siblings, are back in the Oscar spotlight with regularly strange Western odyssey The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. It touches base on Netflix this November, so saddle up as we present to you the lowdown on the most recent must-see motion picture from the producers of Fargo and No Country for Old Men. Basically, it's an accumulation of six Western stories assembled in one treasury film. Initially expected as a Netflix arrangement, the venture was later revised into a 132-minute full length film, but one that holds its treasury structure. Ethan Coen told journalists at the current year's Venice Film Festival: "Showy discharge was vital to us, and [Venice] were cheerful to suit us. Also, I don't know if it somehow happened to oblige us or their arrangements concurred with our own… It's critical to us that individuals who need to see it on an extra large screen can." The individual stories by and large present to us a residue strewn, savage and hazily comic take a gander at the American boondocks. The different stories acquaint us with a large group of blackguards and weirdos, including the eponymous shooter-artist, retaliation looking for cowpokes and voracious miners. An entire host of enormous names have arranged to star in the Coens' most recent. Customary associate Tim Blake Nelson (who showed up in the awesome O Brother, Where Art Thou?) leads as the main Buster Scruggs, with A-rundown support as Taken's Liam Neeson, artist Tom Waits, The Disaster Artist's James Franco, Paddington 2's Brendan Gleeson and The Witch's Ralph Ineson. In the interim, behind the camera there's contribution from Coen regulars like arranger Carter Burwell, cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel, generation creator Jess Gonchor and outfit architect Mary Zophres. The Coens have shown an affection for the Western in its different structures all through their vocation. This incorporates the skeptical fear of No Country for Old Men, a gander at how brutality has debased the twentieth century American boondocks, and the nostalgic change of John Wayne great True Grit, featuring a grizzled Jeff Bridges. Buster Scruggs discovers them in trademark structure, binding the story with topsy turvy humor and stunning snapshots of hazardous brutality. In an ordinarily wry, 'Coen-esque' explanation (through Variety), they communicated their love for the class: "We've constantly adored compilation motion pictures, particularly those movies made in Italy in the Sixties which set next to each other crafted by various chiefs on a typical topic. Having composed a compilation of Western stories we endeavored to do likewise, wanting to enroll the best chiefs working today. It was our extraordinary fortune that they both consented to partake." The motion picture opened the current year's Venice Film Festival with its reality debut (where it additionally won the Best Screenplay grant), and has been producing Oscar buzz. (It's additionally played at the 2018 New York and London Film Festivals.) "Lavishly engaging and blackly amusing yet told with truthfulness and heart, the about six Western stories pressed into The Ballad of Buster Scruggs demonstrate the Coen siblings stacking up their six-shooter and shooting scarcely an empty shell," raves Phil De Semlyen in Time Out. "Half-fish, half-fowl and inside and out propelled, it is a stunning mosey through the brooks and gullies of the Coen-esque, whose scattershot configuration and by turns peculiar and ghastly comical inclination give a false representation of a formal inventiveness and careful control of tone that keep the watcher interminably zoned out," composes The Telegraph's Robbie Collin. What's more, The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw is another fan: "The Coens have given us an entertaining, wonderfully made, truly charming and rather exasperating collection of stories from the old west, when made arrangements for TV yet satisfyingly repurposed for the film: vignettes that switch with staggering power from beautiful wistfulness to horrifying brutality." Nothing tests the fortitude of a film fan very like remaining in a left Leicester Square first thing on a grim Saturday morning sitting tight for a screening. That is the place I ended up as a component of the current year's London Film Festival (LFF for short), the elegant festival of film that makes one thing totally clear: grants season has arrived. A film's basic achievement and profile at the LFF (likewise with prior celebrations Venice, Toronto and Telluride) is frequently said to look good for its Oscar possibilities. In view of that, here's my summary of the current year's driving contenders. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has rejected plans to present another 'mainstream film' class at the Oscars in 2019. The Academy at first drifted the thought a month ago that they would add another honor to one year from now's service that would perceive "remarkable accomplishment in prevalent film", supposedly in an offer to support appraisals – which dropped to a record low this year – and assuage fans who feel that the best film grant had sidelined blockbusters for more specialty contributions. Be that as it may, a gathering of the Academy's leading body of governors on Wednesday saw a lion's share of 54 individuals vote to defer the honor, at any rate for the 2019 function, which is set to happen on 24th February. The choice comes after the proposed honor was met with bemusement by the press and film fans via web-based networking media. New #Oscars class. Not certain how I feel about this. It's a route for the Academy to perceive pop movies, yet additionally a cop-out not to assign acclaimed film industry victors for Best Picture. Appears they simply need to keep on choosing lethargic, vainglorious indy films. "I wasn't expecting that sort of automatic response, generally from columnists," Academy president John Bailey disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't have the foggiest idea why that happened in light of the fact that these are similar individuals who have likewise condemned the Academy for being quote unquote immaterial and not really tending to the essence of individuals that head out to the motion pictures. Similar individuals who have censured us for superfluity and elitism presently all of a sudden were the watchmen at the door, discussing the bowdlerisation of the Oscars." 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